Traveling to Malaysia (Part 2): Malaka and Beaches

Malaka was the capital of Malaka Kingdom back in old time. This city has such a great historical value especially during the colonial periods when Malaka was colonized by Portuguese, Holland, and Britain. That is why whenever you are traveling to Malaka, you will see a lot of old buildings which still stand up straight and those buildings have been there since the colonial periods. My trip to Malaka was so memorable because I’m the type of traveler who is into historical value. That’s why I really enjoyed my trip and I hope you can also go there too. So, what to visit when you’re in Malaka? Below, you’re going to learn some of the greatest places to visit in Malaka and I will give you bonus about the greatest beaches in Malaysia which will make your traveling even more perfect.

St. John’s Fort - Malaka

St. John’s Fort

St. John’s Fort is a private chapel for the Portuguese and it is dedicated to Saint John. This chapel was then rebuilt by the Dutch back in the 18th century and it was turned into a fortress. This fortress has six turrets aiming to the mainland because during the colonial period, assault usually came from the land instead of from the sea.

Jonker Walk - malaka street

Jonker Walk

I really enjoyed my time when I was in Jonker Walk. This place is the heaven for you who like antique collectible items. Those items are so fabulous and antique and they are offered at really reasonable prices. I was so mad and ended up spending a lot of money but that money was so worth it because I could get nice things to be included into my collections.

Malaka River Cruise - 2017

Malaka River Cruise

This cruise is a must if you visit Malaka. Make sure you also do it when you are there. You will be able to travel through the river which was used as the main trading route in the old time. Here, travelers can also enjoy tons of historical buildings on the river banks.

Pengkalan Balak Beach - Melaka

Pengkalan Balak Beach

This beach is really clean. You can really enjoy the scenery there and it’s so perfect for you to stay relaxed for a while. The beach is actually quite far away from the city but the trip there is really worth it. You can do a lot of things when you have reached the beach like to play in the sand, play in the water, enjoying the scenery while sitting at the beach, and so many other things. The beach is also quite romantic which is perfect for couple or for family.

Tanjung Bidara Beach

Tanjung Bidara Beach

If you are looking for an alternative where you expect that you can stay relaxed and enjoy the scenery at the beach, this place should be considered. There are so many great things here aside from the view. You can also expect to enjoy your relaxation time there because there are tons of facility available for you starting from the toilet, restaurants, and even some merchants selling interesting souvenirs. Make sure you go there and it’s so perfect to visit this beach with your family or your loved ones.