Traveling to Malaysia (Part 3): Genting Highlands

Now let me tell you about my trip to Genting Highlands. In my opinion, this place is really a must for you to visit. You have never been to Malaysia if you don’t go to Genting Highlands. Like its name, this place is located in the mountain. To be exact, it is located in Titiwangsa Mountain. That’s why the air there is really cool and nice. Alright, let’s cut the chit chat and start talking about what to visit when you’re in Genting Highlands. I will mention the places that I visited and hopefully, you are interested to go there too.

first world plaza genting

First World Plaza

Yes, this place is the heaven for you who like to shop. Well, who doesn’t like to shop, right? When I was there, I was so amazed by the massive size of this plaza. It’s actually a world-class plaza which takes place at the ex-biggest hotel in Asia. There are so many things you can find starting from awesome stores which sell almost everything, theater, restaurant, and some rides are also available there. It’s recommended for you to go there when the sun has set because it’s going to be even more awesome and stunning. Many neon lights and unique statues make the atmosphere even more enjoyable. What’s even greater is that this place open 24 hours nonstop. Therefore, you can go there anytime you like.


Genting Theme Park

If you go to Genting Highlands with your family, spend some time in its Theme Park. There are tons of ride to please you and especially the kids. The rides are available in two types, outdoor and indoor. Thus, you can simply choose which one you want to try even though it’s highly recommended for you to try them all and taste the full experience. And please don’t worry about the safety because all of the rides are well maintained and there are so many staffs there who are more than just ready to help you.

casino de genting

Casino de Genting

True, though it’s not an online casino, this place will please any of you who want to try your luck. Who knows you will win the jackpot? You need to know that this casino has been awarded as the best one in the South East Asia and it’s the only legal casino in Malaysia. Many machines are available for you to try your luck out. When I was there, I didn’t try any of those machines but the fact that the people were so enjoying themselves so much made me amazed.

Chin Swee Temple

This temple is located at 1,400 meters above sea level. The condition around the temple is so natural and fabulous. What’s even more awesome is the red temple with gold there. A pagoda with 9 levels can also be found in this area.

awana skyway genting

Cable Car and Skyway

Lastly, you need to try this one. You can enjoy the scenery above the hill by riding the cable car. Genting Highlands cable car is the longest and also the fastest in Malaysia and even in the South East Asia. The cool air and also the awesome view will make you remain in awe.