Hello everyone !

I’m Mariana G. Vienna, i was born in Vienna – Austria and raised in Jakarta- Indonesia. My father was a member of Indonesian Diplomatic Corps so we were committed to live abroad, from one country to another. That is why I used to live ‘nomad’ life, keep moving up until now, my 27th age.

In total, I’ve visited 24 countries in all 5 continents. Not much, but more than enough to make me feel so amazed about how beautiful and diversity from one to another. Yeah, it’s definitely not a human-creation thing, the universe.

One of the most unforgettable country for me is Pakistan. This is why i chose birdsofkashmir for this personal blog of mine. I will share the story behind it later on.

So, here you go, welcome aboard and enjoy this simple blog of a travel-holic woman!

Have a great ride!